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Customer Comments

We don't go out of our way to ask for testimonials from our customers.   Please take a few minutes to read what they've sent to us on their own.


To all of you at Blue Body & Paint,
Thanks for your job well done on my Sportrac.   I’ve been watching those deer a little closer...

Thanks for everything.   You have all been great…

As I was filing bills away recently, I was reminded of your work on my car door, and I just wanted to let you know it is still working fine.   And “thank you” once more for your work and help over these years.   It means a lot to me to have someone I can trust.
                                                                                              R. E.
P.S.   I continue to share your good name and work with people I know.

Thank you and your staff so very much!   Your help with dealing not only with the Tahoe, but the insurance company was greatly appreciated and very invaluable…
K. and C.

The car looks perfect.   Love the color and thanks for doing a super great job.   
J. and S.

Just want to let you know how much I appreciate the great job you did on my car—as you always do!   Thanks for going the “extra mile” and fixing the windshield.   It makes me and my family remember once again that it is so worth the drive to Lockwood to have our repairs done by you.   
                                                                                                     H. M.

Want to thank you for the great job done, plus the cleaning job.   Wow.   That Pontiac hasn’t looked so nice since we bought it.     
                                                                                                      J. and B.

Bob really likes the paint job.   Very nice job and such a neat color.   Sorry we took up your weekend with our work, but we don’t get up there very often…                                                                        J. and B.

Thank you for your work on our car.   We truly appreciate your company,   It’s so nice to have your car repaired by someone you can trust.                                                                                                       G. and S.

I just wanted to thank you again for the great work on my truck.   It looks great and Suzanne is much happier because it doesn’t look like a “grandpa truck” anymore.   Thanks for the added pinstripe; it does make it look great.   Thanks for the drop-off at the hospital, too, that is great service.                                                                                G.

Here are some notes that relate to our civic involvement and activities:

Thank you for your generous support of 2006 Lockwood Fire’s Santa in the District.   Your support made this possible for the 17th year!!!!

Just wanted to thank you for sponsoring one of the motorcycle awards.   Without great sponsors like you, these car shows would never happen.   Always love coming south for the Glendive shows.   It’s always a great time with great people and vehicles.
                                                                                                         V. W.

Thank you Blue Body & Paint for sponsoring us!   Lockwood 4th grade girls.
YSA Spring, 2006

Thank you for your support of your Lockwood Little League and your sponsorship.   Blue Body & Paint Junior Boys Baseball and the Lockwood Community

Thank you for sponsoring the Silver Award we son at this year’s car show.   We had a good time talking to people and great seeing old friends.                                                                                            L. and B.

Muchas Gracias!   Thank you all so much for giving my students the opportunity to see what’s going on around the world every day.   It is hard for middle-school kids to understand there really is life outside Lockwood!   This is just a fantastic gift in so many ways…
                                                                                                         L. S., Sponsored Teacher, Newspapers in the Schools

We would like to thank you for your donation to the Dawson College Foundation.   The cost of quality education is more than public funds can provide, so your gift is greatly appreciated by the DCC students, the ones who benefit most from the college’s growth and development.                                                                                 J. M., Dawson College Foundation.

Thank you so much for your continued support of the Glendive Car Show.   We wouldn’t have such a great show without your support.  
                                                                                                        D. and K.




I want to express my thanks, and the thanks of the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, for your participation in the Non-Structural Analysis and Damage Repair Certification Test workshop recently held in Tampa, Florida.   The workshop was convened to review and modify the existing task list, to review previously written questions that performed poorly when pretested, and to write questions on the latest changes in non-structural damage and repair technology.

The broad knowledge and experience which you shared with your colleagues over the course of the meeting contributed in an important degree to the productive results achieved by the group.   We appreciate your support of ASE’s Voluntary Certification Program.   
T. B., Collision Repair & Refinishing Technical Specialist


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